Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome to TVBW!

Yesterday, Saturday March 26, was Treasure Valley Babywearers first official meeting.  What a success!  We had 11 parents and 13 kiddos, ranging from newborn to 6yo.  Two of our parents are fathers.  Hooray for babywearing daddies!

We had a fairly informal agenda, mostly just getting to know one another and trying out some new (to us) carriers.  Everyone has differing levels of expertise and comfort with certain types of carriers, so we're excited to have the opportunity to learn together.

The most important item for us moving forward is to establish a standing date, time, and location for our meetings.  As we grow, we can add additional meeting times, or play dates to accommodate more people.  If you haven't already, check out our Facebook page and vote for which Sat of the month you would like to meet.

Yesterday's meeting location, Ada Community Library, seems like a good fit for our current needs.  There is a separate area with small tables and chairs for children, and a sink.  The bathrooms are also right next to the conference room.  The conference is located downstairs in their Youth Services section, so it is very kid-friendly.  The library also confirmed that we can bring in our own snacks!  I think there will be opportunities in the future to have crafts or other things for older children.

I always love to get group input, so if you have any ideas that will help our meetings be more informative, fun, and useful, please let me know!

Happy Babywearing!